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Amazon Profit Calculator

We All know amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace in the world. Amazon Operates in 200+ Countries. 

Here are Some of the Key statistics of amazon:-

  •     1. Amazon generated $386 billion revenue in 2020, making it the third-largest company in the world by revenue
  •     2. Amazon Web Services generated 11% of the revenue in 2020
  •     3. Amazon’s Net profit was $21.33 billion in 2020, AWS generated half of this profit.
  •     4. Over 200 million customers subscribe to Amazon Prime worldwide, with 147 million in the US alone
  •     5. Amazon Prime Video had 175 million users in 2021, while Prime Music reached 55 million in 2020
  •     6. 55 million Amazon Echo devices were sold in 2020

With the above statistics now you know how Amazon is big in terms of the online marketplace.

Now let’s come with the sellers of Amazon. Here are some key statistics of sellers of amazon:-

  •     1. Amazon has over 6.3 million sellers worldwide
  •     2. Out of 6.3 million, 1.9million are active sellers on amazon in 2021
  •     3. According to reports, In 2021, amazon attracts 3700 new sellers every day.
  •     4. In 2021, amazon attracts 4,71,000 new sellers now and with the current rate, 6,67,000 new sellers will have joined amazon by the end of the year.

So according to the above statistics, sellers are increasing day by day on amazon, but every new seller or even old seller has a big problem before selling.

The problem is to calculate the price or how much money you will make after selling on amazon. Because many fees will be deducted and sellers need to check before putting any price of the listings.

But how to check is the main problem. So here serve2business solutions come up with a great solution for all the sellers of amazon who want to calculate the price of their products. This helps in getting good profit otherwise many sellers make this mistake and making huge losses in starting even they have high orders.

How to use Amazon Profit Calculator?

In this section, we are going to explain to you how to use this amazon price calculator to get approx profit of your product.

First of all, you need to select the category of your products. Select the same category as you select on amazon as well.

Amazon Seller Fees Calculator

  • Then, enter the price that you want to sell your product on Amazon. in

Amazon Profit Calculator

  • Then, select the shipping method, there are 2 shipping methods:- Ship using amazon easy ship, Ship by shelf

Amazon Profit Calculator

You can choose any 1 from it that you want.

  • Then, enter the weight of your product. Please check the weight price here.

Amazon Profit Calculator

  • Then, you can select the region, like local, regional, or national. The price of all these will be different. National has the maximum price so it is recommended to choose national.

Amazon Profit Calculator

  • Now, you can see all the information below, like what will be the referral fees, closing fees, amazon shipping fees, Gst, and at the end how much money you make.

Amazon Seller Fees Calculator


Amazon is the online biggest giant and sellers need to their prices of products competitive with the other sellers, otherwise, you will not get any orders also check the amazon fees calculator before deciding any prices of the product.


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