Flipkart Listing Services

Flipkart Listing Services

Flipkart is one of the top eCommerce stores in India and almost 5lakh sellers are working with Flipkart right now. Because of covid-19, this is the essence of every small and big seller to bring their business online, if they want to grow their business and Flipkart is one of the most trusted marketplaces for suppliers to sell online. Serve2business provides best flipkart listing services which can helps you in the growth of getting sales from flipkart.

We can see that almost 90% of new sellers who come to sell products online have to shut down their business in 2-3 months because of the wrong strategy and making huge losses in starting.

The reason for this failure is very simple, which is half or less knowledge of selling online. Many new sellers make many mistakes in starting which is why they got demotivated.

Online Sellers Ecommerce Mistakes

  1. Not Proper Listing – This is one of the very common mistakes which 90% of sellers can do. They do listings without taking any knowledge. No keywords researching, No proper title, No Proper description, No proper bullet points, etc, which is why they don’t get any visibility and orders in starting, and that’s why they got demotivated in very starting and shut down their business.
  2. Advertisement – Almost 80% of sellers make this blunder mistake which is the wrong advertisement. They just spending money on an advertisement without any knowledge by thinking that they got a high number of orders, but orders are in limited numbers and because of this they bear huge losses.
  3. Taking fast actions – Flipkart is very strict if you are taking fast actions like on and off your advertisement continuously and repeatedly, making and deleting listings repeatedly, etc. This type of action will never help you to grow on Flipkart.
  4. Patience – If you don’t have patience then eCommerce is not for you. Patience is the most important part if you want to succeed in an online business.
  5. Experiment – New experiments are good but many new sellers make a high number of experiments that Flipkart doesn’t like and these experiments can block your account and you will become a seller again on Flipkart.

These are some common mistakes that 90% of new sellers do. But in today’s article, Serve2business solutions PVT ltd comes with a solution that can help you to make high profits and make online business as a full-time business.

Serve2business provides various catalog service which helps you to grow your Flipkart account and make sales in Lakhs or even more. Our target is to help various sellers to become gold members of Flipkart.

Some of the services which we provide for Flipkart is:-

  1. Account Creation – We can create your account and company profile and start listing your products.
  2. Promotions and campaigns – Run campaigns and promotions in a very professional manner which helps boost sales and visibility of the rest of the products also.
  3. Flipkart listing services or Catalogue service – Serve2business solutions PVT Ltd are here to help you to list your products on Flipkart. We have experienced persons who can do your Flipkart listings in a very professional way which can boost your visibility.
  4. Some of the things our professional staff will do – Researching the best keywords for which your products are rank for.
    • Make eye-catching title which helps is boost the sales
    • Make Proper descriptions with full and real information which helps buyers to understand the products.
    • Make High-quality bullet points with stuffing keywords in them.
  5. Daily Updation – Sellers can take a daily update of work done by us and can check the growth in accounts and orders also.
  6. Account Ban – This is one of the most important problems that various sellers can face. In 2021, near about 20000 accounts are banned by Flipkart due to wrong activity. To serve 2 businesses can help you to remove the ban or suspension from your account.

We hope, you understand why taking Service Provider network(SPN) Services are so important to take. So if you want to work with us then you just need to contact us and the rest of the information we can provide you by email or by calling.


  1. What is Flipkart listing?
    • Answer :- Flipkart listing means upload your products on flipkart to sell on the flipkart website.
  2. How can I list my product on Flipkart?
    • Answer :- You can List your products by single listing as well as bulk listing on flipkart.
  3. What is Flipkart plus listing?
    • Answer :- Flipkart Plus Listing is available for flipkart plus customer only. Flipkart Plus is a new no-fee membership programme, which will enable customers to earn ‘Plus Coins’ with the help of which they can avail benefits across shopping, travel, and content on the platform
  4. Can I sell on Flipkart without Gstin?
    • Answer:- Yes, anyone can sell online without GSTIN on flipkart, but you need gst and also trademark registered in some category.
  5. Can I sell multiple categories on Flipkart?
    • Answer:- Yes, you can sell as many categories as you want on flipkart. No restrictions are their.

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