Paytm Mall sellers product listing services

Paytm Mall Sellers Product Listing Services

Paytm Mall is trending nowadays. Amazon and Flipkart both are the leaders of the online market, but every marketplace has its advantage and disadvantage, That’s why Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Paytm Mall sellers must know about other marketplaces as well to sell online.

Paytm Mall is a new concept and increasing their presence on the online marketplace day by day. Paytm mall sellers have many advantages.

Advantages of Paytm Mall Sellers  

  1. This is one of the trending platform in India and anyone can purchase from paytm mall with their paytm app.
  2. Paytm mall sellers need a trademark certificate for their brand which means low competition is there as not everyone can sell on paytm unless the seller has a trademark certificate.
  3. Paytm gives many cashback or buyback to their customers, which means customer loves to buy products from paytm mall which is very helpful for paytm mall sellers as this increases the orders of sellers. 
  4. In 2021, Almost everyone has paytm on their Mobiles which means the customer base of paytm mall is increasing day by day. 

Documents Required to sell on Paytm Mall

Paytm mall sellers

You need 5 Documents to successfully become a paytm mall seller:-

  1. GST Certificate– The GST Certificate registered on your business name needs to be submitted.
  2. Address Proof The Address proof of the registered business, as well as warehouse address proof, needs to be shared. It should be attested by the authorized signatory of the business. The address proof should be in the company’s name or on the proprietor’s name (In the case of sole proprietorship).
  3. PAN Card The PAN card should be in the name of the business {Exception: sole proprietorship}. The PAN card photocopy should be attested (signed and stamped) by the authorized signatory of the business.
  4. Canceled Cheque A Cancelled cheque from the company’s bank account is needed for verification. The cheque should be in the name of the registered business name. If there is no business name, the company stamp should be printed on the canceled cheque, or self-declaration should be attached to the company letter along with the cheque. In the case of the absence of a canceled cheque, the authorization from the bank with bank details mentioned on the bank letterhead with the signature and stamp of the authorized signatory can be considered.
  5. Brand Authorization Letter/Trademark Certificate The Trademark Certificate of your brand in the name of the company is needed. If you are an authorized seller/Re-seller of a particular brand, please share the authorization letter from the brand stating that you are authorized to sell that brand on Paytm Mall. In case the company is Pvt. Ltd. or partnership, then only current account details will be entertained, requests for saving account updates will not be entertained.

Registration for Paytm Mall sellers

There are 5 steps to become paytm Mall seller :-

  1. Register on
  2. Visit
  3. Login Using Paytm Credentials
  4. Fill up and submit the Required details and documents
  5. Now waiting for the verification process and then your successfully become the paytm mall seller.

Paytm Mall Product Listing Services

Paytm Product Listing Services

After successfully onboarding now the main things is product Listing. You can choose Serve2Business Solutions Private Limited for the product Listing.

Why Choose US?

Choosing us gives you many advantages:-

1-   We have an experience of more than 5 years

2-   We have over more than 200 sellers working with us right now

3-   We have a professional team that can helps you to grow your business on eCommerce

4-   Online Marketplace always prefers SPN(Service Provider Network) listings more than sellers listings due to trust issues

5-   We have the cheapest rates of Service Provider Network in the market.

6-   For More Information Contact us.


  • How can I register as a seller on paytm Mall?

Answer :- 1) Register on

2) Visit

3) Login Using Paytm Credentials

4) Fill up and submit the required details and documents

5) Now waiting for the verification process and then you successfully become the paytm mall seller.

  • What is required to sell on Paytm?

Answer :- 1) GST Certificate

2) Address Proof

3) Pan Card

4) Canceled Cheque

5) Brand Authorisation Letter or Trademark Certificate

  • How Can I sell my product on Paytm Mall?

Answer:- Just upload your products and start selling otherwise you can take Serve2business solution PVT Ltd help.

  • Can we sell Non branded products on amazon?

Answer:- No, you need trademark certificate or brand authorization letter to sell products on paytm mall.

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